In recent years the company has refined its market place to concentrate on Football Club Membership. We provide products, services, planning advice and fulfillment implementation for a range of clubs in the Premiership and beyond.

We have enjoyed recent Membership success with Arsenal FC, Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic FC, Glasgow Rangers, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Portsmouth FC, Southampton FC and many more. This success ranges from simple product sourcing to encompass product and concept design and has also included complete fulfillment project management.

What we do

Membership products

• Tangible products: key rings, pin badges, stickers, ear phone sets, scarves, hats, bags, banners
• Printed products: vouchers, books, offer leaflets, member specific letters
• Packaging; full colour boxes (box & lid / clamshell) and tins (printed and / or embossed)
• Fulfillment; both consolidation at point of manufacture (usually the Far East) and complete UK fulfillment, including data processing and worldwide mailing

Who we work with

Elite Group. United Kingdom
Email: Phone: +44 (0)20 8886 5688